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AREN Creative produces AWARD-WINNING records.

  • 2-Bit Palomino's "2-Bit Palomino" was awarded "Vocal Group of the Year - 2011" by the Academy of Texas Music.
  • Connie Mims "Gettin' There" was nominated for several awards by the Academy of Texas Music including Best Song.
  • 2-Bit Palomino "Rides Again" was awarded "Vocal Group of the Year 2013" by the Academy of Texas Music.


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Arthur Wood
Maverick Magazine, (Feb. 01, 2013)

2-Bit Palomino "Rides Again" CD

Produced by Peter "Ren" Renfree

"2-Bit Palomino "Rides Again" ... Pure magic, with opulent vocal harmonies, memorable melodies and subjectively engaging lyrics..."


Terry Hendrix

Professional Singer/Songwriter

Morgan Wilson "The Way I Felt About Us CD"

Produced by Peter "Ren" Renfree

"Morgan Taylor Wilson's gift of writing transcends her youth. She is wise beyond her years in both confidence and grit in her lyrics. Couple this with guitar chops, earthy vocals, and a knack for catchy melodies, and you have an amazing artist on your hands."


Dave Wheaton

KEAN Abilene, TX

Connie Mims "Gettin' There" CD

Produced by Peter "Ren" Renfree

"Great lyrics, seemingly effortless vocals, and she's surrounded with great players that include the likes of Lloyd Maines, Chad Ware, Gene Elders and several others. A tip of the cap is also in order for 'Gettin' There' producer Ren Renfree, who managed to take a lot of moving parts and synchronize them very nicely. There's a lot of talent on this CD, and getting it all to come together is no small task."