Song Demos

We produce songwriter demos using the most current, state-of-the-art equipment available. We have decades of experience as Producers,
Engineers, Performers and Songwriters, and we have access to the best studio players in the world. 

All of our demos are "Work-for-Hire" meaning YOU own the masters your song and can do anything you want with them. If you ever want to
upgrade your demo from a lower level to a higher one, we'll credit you the original cost of your first pass. You get a full mix and
music-only .wav and .mp3 file of your song upon completion.

We offer 0% Financing up to 6 Months through PayPal Credit (O.A.C.). 

Guitar or Piano w/Vocal

This is usually the best place to start. We'll discuss styling with you and record a great sounding guitar or piano sound and vocal to best highlight your song.



Purchase 3 and get the 4th one FREE!*

Basic Band Demo 

We'll get a great drum track with bass, Acoustic Guitar (or piano) and Electric Guitar along with a Male or Female vocal track to emphasize the feel of your song.



Purchase 3 and get the 4th FREE!*

Master Demo

We'll work with you to produce a track that you'll be proud to play on any radio station .


 Starting @ $600.00**

Includes: Bass, Drums, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano/Organ, Vocal, Harmony Vocals, professionally mixed and mastered.

Song Samples

Contact us today to discuss your demo and to schedule production! 
*4th demo free deal is only available when purchased as a package of 4 demos in a single transaction.
**Production cost depends on instrumentation. Pedal Steel, Fiddle, or other instruments listed are an extra cost starting at $75 per instrument.